Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Course Overview

American Literature is an 11th grade English course. We will work closely with the American History course throughout the school year to explore themes around the American Dream, what it means to be an American, and Freedom.
See the attached syllabus for thematic units and projects.



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This interdisciplinary approach to American Literature promises an engaging exploration of key themes like the American Dream and freedom, amplified by collaboration with the American History course. The thematic units and projects outlined in the syllabus provide a solid foundation for students to delve into complex literary works and historical contexts. Integrating discussions on sports and fitness into the curriculum will further enrich students' understanding of American culture and values, offering valuable insights into teamwork, competition, and perseverance.

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This interdisciplinary approach to American Literature ensures an immersive exploration of fundamental themes such as the American Dream and freedom, enhanced by collaboration with American History. The syllabus outlines thematic units and projects, laying a robust groundwork for students to delve into intricate literary works and historical backgrounds. By incorporating discussions on sports and fitness, the curriculum aims to deepen students' comprehension of American culture and principles, providing invaluable perspectives on teamwork, competition, and resilience.

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